KoolGrips Comfort Covers

How to prevent handrail burns?

KoolGrips LLC have been manufacturing pool and spa handrails for more than 20 years. During the steamy summers you more than likely will run into an extremely hot even scalding handrail. KoolGrips Comfort Covers will protect burns on your hands this summer. Rather then treating a burn, these inexpensive comfort railing grips will save you the anguish.

Have an unpleasant handrail eye soar? These covers are great alternatives to replacing scratched, stained, or dented handrail and ladders.


KoolGrips Comfort Covers

KoolGrips Comfort Covers come in a variety of colors and sizes. Select your size and color to fit your handrail. They are designed with heavy duty polyester and spandex based woven fabric. It is then blended with UPF/UV inhibitors and an Anti-Microbial treatment.

Color Options: Desert Tan, Indian Teal, and Royal Blue

Size Options: 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, and 10ft

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Pick up your KoolGrip Comfort Covers at Phoenix Pool Parts, we have a wide selection to meet any need. If we don’t have your size in-stock, we will quickly order your custom size from KoolGrip, call or stop in to see the latest products. Spend less time fooling around looking at a variety of pool sites and more time getting back to relaxing in your pool.

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