Century Centurion Pro HSQ165 Square Flange Pool and Spa Pump Motor

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Century(R) Centurion(R) Pro HSQ165 Square Flange Pool and Spa Pump Motor; 1.65 THP, 3450 RPM, 115/230 V, 48Y, Threaded Shaft

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Product Features

-Professional grade

-Hybrid end frame design: The Centurion PRO’s hybrid end frame design incorporates a unique BX hole placement and new terminal board design that provides installers ample room to easily feed even larger gauge wiring through with unencumbered access

-PCB terminal board: Formed from highly durable PCB material, the larger terminal board boasts a layout that is both hand- and tool-friendly

-Voltage change device: The Centurion PRO incorporates a new voltage change plug that virtually eliminates mis-wiring errors. The new voltage change plug fits specifically to one or the other clearly defined sets of angled spade terminals on the terminal b

-Definitive shaft access: The Centurion PRO design introduces a new and clearly defined shaft access path to aid installers in identifying the proper tool and location to acquire the shaft during installation or service.

-203 Bearings both ends

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