Easy Care Beautec 64 floz 22064

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Mcgrayel 22064 Easy Care(TM) Beautec(R); 64 oz Bottle


Product Features

-Absolutely phosphate free formula

-Prevent future costly washing and tile cleaning

-Advanced synertec formula is both acid-free and phosphate-free

-Chlorine stable multi-polymers lasts for months, not weeks

-Multi-sequestrants quickly dissolve plaster dust in new pools

-The most effective surface maintenance available

-Eliminates the need for acid washes, chemical scale remover use, pool down-time

-Multi functional protector against mineral scales, deposits, stains, scum and silica

-Extremely effective in hardness levels exceeding 1000 ppm and high silica levels upto 300 ppm

-Provides complete inhibition of all types of mineral scales and stains

-Small monthly dosage builds protection with each application

-Aggressively prevents and removes scale and stain buildup

-No wait. Swim immediately after treatment

-Great for new pool start up. Prevents scaling and staining while plaster cures

-Protects pool filter, heater, and solar unit against scale formation

-One bottle will last the average 20000 gal pool two months

-Works well with salt pool generator units

-Easy to use, just add monthly

-Dissolves and removes existing buildup then prevents new deposits

-Extremely easy to use. Just pour in

-When used properly throughout the summer, protection continues through the winter

-Salt cell de-scaler (without acids), protector and prolongs cell lifespan

-Controls calcium (upto 1000 ppm) and hard silicates (upto 300 ppm)

-Strongly sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals

-Protects all equipment – filter, heater, water auto-leveler, salt cell, and solar unit

-Provides long lasting protection – pool finish, tile and equipment

-Affordable year-round protection

-Extends life of salt cell generators

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