Easy Care Scaletec Plus 20064

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High performance swimming pool calcium descaler, iron stain, scum remover and preventative.


Product Features

-Effectively removes calcium buildup on pool surfaces, tile and equipment

-Scaletec Plus is the first pourable calcium descaler-remover added directly to pool water to cleanup pool surfaces, tile, filter, and all other pool equipment

-Excellent pretreatment to an acid wash especially for pools with very old scale

-Obtain visible cleanup and descaling results in just 2 to 4 weeks

-No pool draining, no hard laborious scrubbing, and no pool surface damage

-Affordable, do-it-yourself cleanup requires no special equipment or knowledge

-One bottle will descale an average 20000 gal swimming pool. It also provides 3 full months of continued descaling and/or scale-stain-scum preventative activity

-Also protects pool filter, heater, solar units, and salt generators in salt pools

-No wait. Swim immediately after treatment

-Extremely easy to use product. Just pour in. No testing required

-Superior winter surface descaler-stain preventative during non-swimming season

-Cleans and restores pool and tile surfaces

-For heavily scaled pools, raise water level, add recommended dosage, and continue with weekly applications until scale is removed

-Save hundreds of dollars over acid-washing and tile cleaning expense

-Sequesters iron, copper, and manganese metals

-Salt cell cleaner, protector, and helps optimize chlorine output

-Obtain visible results in 2 to 4 weeks

-The strongest scale, stain, and scum remover and inhibitor avai lable

-Non acidic, non-staining, low phosphates, and enviro-safe components

-Powerful Synertec™ formula is highly chlorine stable, provides long lasting protection, and maintains effectiveness in extreme water hardness levels above 1500 ppm


64 oz Bottle

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