Easy Care Startup-Tec 70064

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Mcgrayel 70064 Easy Care(TM) Startup-Tec(R); 64 oz Bottle


Product Features

-Prevents plus removes plaster dust – eliminates tedious surface brushing – significantly reduces surface mottling discoloration – exposes aggregates brilliantly with less acid

-Extremely effective treatment method and no special training required

-Faster startup results, saves considerable startup cost and time

-Advanced formual is acid and phosphate free and is extremely chlorine stable

-Provides 4 to 6 months of scale-stain-salt pool cell protection

-Effective on white, colored, exposed quartz aggregate and pebble type finishes

-No more surface brushing, surface damage, acid usage, and customer complaints

-Faster pool startup. Long lasting surface, equipment, and salt cell protection

-“PK- 3 Day” startup-tee treatment must be added during new pool filling!

-Provides cleaner startups with 90% to 100% less dust and brushing

-Significant reduction of mottling discoloration on all types of finishes

-Typically eliminates “hot startups” that exposes quartz and aggregates

-Strongly sequesters metal ions that stain surfaces and form calcium film

-More brilliant exposure of pigmented and pebble type finishes

-Advanced multi-sequestrant formulation, no phosphates or acids. Swimmers can use pool immediately

-Reduces warranty issues, lawsuits, and replastering of damaged pools

-Swimmers can use pool immediately

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