Hayward $100 Mail-In Rebate 925ADC Navigator(R) Pro Automatic Suction Cleaner

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Hayward 925ADC Navigator(R) Pro Automatic Suction Cleaner

$309.00 after $100 Mail-In Rebate


Product Features

-Engineered for performance-Over 30 years unmatched proven and reliable suction cleaner performance-Unique turbine-drive system for smooth, silent operation

-Programmed cleaning-Exclusive SmartDriveĀ® preprogrammed steering pattern offering the best in intelligent, complete pool coverage, covering pool floor, walls* and coves-Guides the hose as programmed steering maneuvers the cleaner around the pool, eliminat

-Easy debris pickup-Enhanced vacuum wings’ and skirt designed for efficient debris pickup and constant suction power

-Silent Operation-No pulsating hoses or noisy parts, for a peaceful pool environment

-Easy to use-Connects in less than 10 minutes to skimmer or suction port, no tools required-Powered by existing filtration system, does not require booster pump

-2-Years limited warranty

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