KoolGrips with UV Block-UPF 50

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Koolgrips Come in the 5 standard sizes, Covering 98% of all Mfg Steel Pool Rails on Commercial and Residential



KoolGrips comfort covers for Custom AND Generic Rails are designed with heavy duty polyester and spandex based woven fabric.  We then blend it with UPF/UV inhibitors and an Anti-Microbial treatment.  Our “Comfort Cover Sure Grip “ Elongation top coat acts like small suction cups helping you hold on for a firmer hand hold.  The KoolGrips inner sleeve is the best quality of CR neoprene.  The solid smooth skin allows for a tight and secure non slip handrail fit.  For installation KoolGrips are equipped with a large EZ –pull heavy duty nylon zipper and a secure tie lock to help prevent theft.  KoolGrip recommends 4ft lengths for most side rail applications KoolGrips Comfort Covers are great for people that have a need for a softer feel and firmer hold entering and exiting pools and spas.  Great for cold climates like mountain hot tubs but designed to provide the most protection from the intense desert and beach heat of summers.

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