Mcgrayel 30064 Easy Care PoolTec Summer

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Mcgrayel 30064 Easy Care(TM) PoolTec(R) Summer; 64 oz Bottle


Product Features

-Continuous prevention of green, yellow and black algae. Kills most algae in 4 to 24 hr

-Non hazardous, enviro-safe formulation

-Reduces chlorine use, shocking, and other chemical usage

-Small weekly dosage makes it very easy to maintain pool water consistently clean

-Strong synergy with chlorine results in improved chlorine effectiveness and residuals

-Ultra-clarifies pool water and kills all types of algae

-Multi-task treatment eliminates other cleanup products such as algaecides and clarifiers

-Low weekly cost pays for itself by reducing other chemical expenses

-One bottle will last the average 20000 gal pool two months

-Pool maintenance so easy, you can finally relax

-Works well with salt pool generator units

-Strong clarifiers create ultra-clear water

-No wait. Swim immediately after treatment

-Eliminates many other treatments such as clarifiers and excessive shocking

-Excellent winter layup during non-swim season without chlorine

-Extremely easy to use. Just pour in

-For heavily used or commercial pools, use maximum weekly dosage is recommended

-Boosts chlorine’s effectiveness upto 6X (600%)

-Improves salt cell’s chlorine output and performance

-Powerful treatment for heavy use and salt cell pools

-Eliminates chlorine odors and skin-eye irritation

-Very effective even at phosphate levels above 5000 ppb

-Superior results when compared to sodium bromide, copper, silver, enzyme and phosphate remover treatments

-The most effective pool care ever

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