Jandy Pro Series Top Mount Sand Filter, SFTM22-1.5

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Zodiac Pool Systems, SFTM22-1.5, Jandy(R) Pro Series, Pool Filters, SFTM Top Mount Pool Sand Filter; 22″, 1.5″ Valve

Product Features

-Large 2″ valve for increased flow and enhanced filtration (SFTM24-2.0)

-7-position multi-port valve can be rotated to quickly adjust filter mode

-360 degrees clamp-style valve rotates for easy installation

-Laterals fold up/down for quick installation and to service (SFTM24-2.0)

-Blow-molded tank is corrosion and UV-resistant

-Combination water/sand drain for easy maintenace and winterizing

-Unions and adapters included – no need to buy additional parts

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